Ladies and gentleman! Boy's and girl's! Step right up and feast your eyes upon this truly amazing spectacle!!! His name, the main attraction of any midway, stage or stand fortunate enough to attain and showcase this modern day marvel! What's in a name you may ask? Come here, and I will share with you the most phantasmal of all legends, unbeliever's, come forth and I shall reveal to you the strange and mystical truth about the man, and the myth. He is called, SANJULA VAMANA! A name earned by years of dissertatious isolation, and the most unparalleled of all human suffering. Watch as he seamlessly binds the edges of almost certain death and human wonderment into a quilt of perplexing paraphilias guaranteed to warm you to the very core. He is the one, the only SANJULA "The Sultan of Suffering" VAMANA! Often imitated, never duplicated! No gaffs, no gimmicks, no doubt! BEHOLD! BELIEVE! BEWARE!